Lipodissolve refers to a nonsurgical method of body contouring as an alternative to minor liposculpture.  Lipodissolve injections are based on a mixture of four standard medications that are administered directly into the fat to initiate the breakdown of fat accumulation.

Contouring of the abdomen, arms, backs, legs and hands can be obtained with lipodissolve. Vitamins and amino acids are used to tighten sagging skin while other agents are used to remove areas of fats, restoring a more youthful and athletic appearence to the bodies contours.

Because of individual factors, not everyone will achieve the same results from Lipodissolve. There will be no marks left at the injection points and there will be no visible signs of the treatment. The treatment has proven to be effective, with an over 95% success rate with very few risks or side effects. 


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