Medical Skin Care

Skin O2 Medical Makeup was originally created by Dr Atia to help treat his acne patients. When treating acne patients, Dr Atia recommends not using any makeup in their daily routine unless it is a high grade mineral makeup; this is an essential part of treating acne.

We have found that a lot of makeup on the market claimed to be non-comedogenic; however these makeups will still cause small allergic reactions and irritations on acne patients. The results we got from eradicating problem makeup and following the Dr's recommended skin care regime was amazing!

With Skin O2 Medical Makeup, Dr Atia gives you his quality assurance. Dr Atia’s Medical Makeup was originally formulated to treat his own patient’s skin concerns. After searching worldwide for a premium product and experimenting on his faithful patients he realised that to achieve the quality he wanted he would need to create his own!

Now we are proud to share that creation with you and continue to educate our patients about how best to care for their skin and to get the most out of their current home care program.

For more information on Dr Atia's medical makeup and your nearest distributor, please follow the link below.