Skin Cancer

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. One in two people who spend their life in Australia will develop some form of skin cancer.

At Alive Clinics our Doctors pride themselves on providing the latest and most effective treatments available.  At your next consultation ask about our Non Surgical LED light or topical skin cancer treatment alternatives that are now available!

If you notice anything new or unusual on your skin, it is important to see a medical professional immediately.


Technological advance in the diagnosis of Melanomas.

MoleMAX reduces unnecessary operations and improves detection. MoleMAX magnifies a mole 30 times and uses a specialised light to look through your skin to see the mole structure. This makes detecting melanomas easier and means fewer unnecessary operations.

The MoleMAX computer permanently records and stores images of your moles along with your Doctor's diagnosis for a permanent lifetime record. This means your moles can be monitored for change over the years.

MoleMAX is available throughout Australia: you can take your records with you wherever you move.