THE problem for Michelle Ashcroft was the wrinkling around her eyes, which she felt made her look tired and much older than her 37 years.
    ‘‘I’d been through a period of emotional upset and stress and it took its toll,’’ says Michelle.
    ‘‘At the end of it, I felt like I’d aged 10 years.’’ When trying to decide on options to remedy the problem, Michelle’s flatmate suggested they both try the laser skin treatment known as plasma Portrait.
    ‘‘My flatmate was wanting to sort out some acne scars on her skin, and I just wanted not to look so tired,’’ says Michelle.
    The pair signed up with Alive Clinics and underwent the program.
   ‘‘At first, my skin went quite red,’’ says Michelle, a project manager.
    ‘‘Then, after a few days, the skin dried and it seemed to peel, with the fresh new skin underneath.’’
    She says it’s been six weeks since the treatment and the difference is noticeable.
   ‘‘My skin overall looks a lot younger and dewy,’’ says Michelle. ‘‘Before, I’d never go anywhere without foundation, and now I just don’t need to wear any.’’ She says the problems around her eyes have
improved and will continue to do so over the next two months.
   ‘‘I’m really happy with the results so far. It’s taken those 10 years off and I feel much better about myself – and my flatmate’s scarring has also improved remarkably.’’
    The concern for another client, Ranata Hess, was the noticeable scarring on her neck, the result of an operation several years ago.
   ‘‘I was also wanting to get rid of various lines on my face and neck,’’ says Ranata.
    She says she wanted a treatment that was ‘radical and aggressive’ to combat the damage to her skin.
    Ranata, like Michelle, opted for the Portrait plasma laser at Alive Clinics and needed only one treatment to address her concerns.
   ‘‘I was worried that the pain was going to be unbearable,’’ says Ranata.
   ‘‘But the most uncomfortable treatment area was around the mouth, which was the most sensitive, and topical anaesthetic was applied to reduce the pain.’’
    She says the treatment took only 30 minutes for the face and another 30 minutes for the neck.
   ‘‘I am very happy with the result,’’ says Ranata.
    ‘‘And my skin is still improving even after nine months.’’
    Ranata also maintains her skin with regular microdermabrasion treatments. The plasma treatment was introduced to the Alive Clinics in West Burleigh and Southport last year and, according to Dr Aaron Atia, it effectively remodels the skin’s architecture.
    He says the treatment encourages new, healthier collagen growth which improves contours and enhances a person’s overall appearance.
    ‘‘Working below the skin, Portrait creates the right conditions and natural growth factors for generating new skin and collagen, which sets up continuous improvements in wrinkles, tone and texture.’’
   He says the treatment can be used to treat skin damaged by acne and the sun, and is often used to improve skin on the chest, neck and hands.
   Alive Clinic can be found at Burleigh Heads, call 5535 5170, and at Southport, call 5528 5933.
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